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CardMunch for LinkedIn

LinkedIn For Business: 5 Ways To Leverage Your Networking With LinkedIn

Last week I attended three networking events in Philadelphia. The majority of them were March Madness networking events, and I collected many business cards and made lots of great connections. Many people will either leave the business cards in their suit jacket, put them in a...
LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn: What’s Best? Recommendations Or Endorsements?

In the six months since LinkedIn offered the ability to endorse a connection’s skills it has racked up over 1 Billion endorsements! But what is better? a recommendation or an endorsement? To Endorse Or Recommend? In my line of work, I am always looking for the latest and...
Change sign

Top 3 Reason Why You Should NOT Attend Networking Events

I have been to my fair share of networking events, and my general conclusion is, they are a fantastic waste of time. Since we are all about saving time, and maximizing value for your business, I felt it appropriate to write this blog article listing (everyone loves lists!) the...
Three Pillars

Lead Generation & Its Three Pillars

Continuing our SME series, where we spoke of not forgetting why you get paid, you have to get clients to pay you in the first place. For most of us that means the good ole shoe leather cost of pounding the streets (or keyboard) to generate leads. But no matter how you or your...
Black hole

Don’t Forget Why You Get Paid

Q: What do you do…? A: How much time do you have? Okay, I’m not looking for the 60 second elevator pitch that you may give to a potential client at a networking event, but more of what you may explain to a business consultant. Now take a few seconds to really think of...
Philly Cheese Steaks

Business Travel Downtime & Cheese Steaks?

business travel have afforded me a large amount of friends and acquaintances across the United States and globe. Yesterday was one such instance when a friend of mine from London, was traveling between New York and Washington D.C., and I had promised that Philly was well worth...
Attract, Convert, and Retain

Think: Attract | Convert | Retain

Over the years of being involved in a large number of entities both large and small, I always try to break things down as simply as possible. This has two main benefits, firstly it allows one to really drill down to what matters in the problem at hand, and secondly makes it mush...
Phone and snowmany, representing cold calls

90% Of Cold Calls Are Cold…oh wait a minute!?

I recently bought a new house and signed up for a landline. It took probably three answers of the landline to result in me not answering the landline again. Each time, the phone rang I’d say “hello!”….pause for 3 seconds, “hello?” again…then someone would proceed to ask me if I’m...