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Google's search algorithms dominate the way we think about local and national SEO.

Local SEO: What It Is And Why It’s Important

Most small to medium sized business owners are aware of search engine optimization by now. Lesser known, and arguably more important (I’ll explain why below), is a subfield within general optimization known as local SEO. For businesses with physical locations, brick-and-mortar...
What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting – What is it? Why is it important?…All You Need To Know!

Recently this topic is one I’ve found myself talking about a lot! Most business owners will have heard about hosting, however they will likely not understand it fully. In this article I will deal with common questions like: “what is website hosting?“, “why...
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10 Reasons Why You NEED Great SEO & Responsive Websites

If you are on the fence about whether to jump into a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign or considering a responsive website conversion, here are ten amazing statistics that justify why you should! Moreover, they should justify why you NEED great SEO and excellent...
Google Adwords

Should I Use Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express?

At a recent internet marketing consultation in Philadelphia, I was asked by the marketing manager at a law firm if they should use Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express? This is a very good question that will greatly affect your marketing budget. This article will detail the...
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Why & How To Track Internal Site Search With Google Analytics

If you’re a current webmaster or looking to get more active in your digital marketing efforts, data is going to be key! Data gives you the power to make insights of value, that you can make informed decisions from. Google Analytics is by far the most widely used tool to...

3 Advanced Content Generation Ideas By Using Facebook Graph Search

So we all know that it is very important to engage your business’ fan base on Facebook. By gaining likes, comments and shares your reach is amplified across the social spheres of those engaging. So what do you post about that gets people engaging? Sometimes it can be...
E-Commerce Website Design

The Future Of E-Commerce Websites: Essential “SEO” Tips

In the last few weeks here at Ag Conexus, some of our website development team has been hard at work on designing e-commerce websites for a few different Philadelphia, and New Jersey based e-commerce entrepreneurs! Since some of the issues and strategies we have implemented in...

Give Google These 5 Easy Reasons To Rank Your Site

At times it can seem to be one of life’s great mysteries (well in my industry anyway!), how to rank well on Google. But sometimes we can out think ourselves, and just need to make sure we cover the bases with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) foundations. These...