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Turning LinkedIn Off And On Again

A LinkedIn Experiment – Turn it off and back on again.

As a follow up post to Paul’s article on How To Close A LinkedIn Account, I thought I would share this! So often when something is wrong with technology, cars, AC units etc… the human response is to turn it off and turn it back on again to see if it works! Well I...

Closing A LinkedIn Account: Why & How-To

As we mentioned in our post on “LinkedIn For Search Engine Optimization 101,” LinkedIn is by far the most powerful single online business development platform. There are numerous good reasons to utilize LinkedIn for reaching your business goals. But sometimes,...
Logo of Sell Hack

The Rise And Fall Of Sell Hack: Cracking LinkedIn’s Code

This week, the world’s LinkedIn users saw the quick rise, and even quicker fall, of an app for the world’s largest professional network called Sell Hack. Upon its release, the browser extension was immediately controversial. How Did Sell Hack Work? After installation,...
Linkedin for networking and marketing

Linkedin: The Future Of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketers love to make pronouncements, announcing the state of the industry and where it may be headed. Big pronouncements, little pronouncements, pronouncements shouted from rooftops, pronouncements tweeted from the living room. Digital Marketing: Voices From The Past...
LinkedIn, a powerful tool for SEO

LinkedIn For Search Engine Optimization 101

Google recognizes LinkedIn as an internet authority, which means that a well-optimized profile or company page can do really well in Google’s SERPs. In this article, I’ll cover quick, essential steps to make your LinkedIn page a rankings superstar! Definite Dos For...
Step 1 - How to remove a linkedin connection

How To Remove A LinkedIn Connection?

There comes a time in some relationships when its better to just disconnect from that person. As part of our LinkedIn series, this article will detail how to remove a LinkedIn connection. Hopefully these screen shots will help you do it! As a reminder, these LinkedIn screenshots...
LinkedIn uses icon

Why Should I Be Using LinkedIn? 5 Of The Best Reasons

I often get asked “why should I use LinkedIn“. Many of the questions stem from two basic thought processes surrounding the uses / value of LinkedIn, they are: LinkedIn is only for job seekers LinkedIn is only for sales / business development people Both of these...
LInkedIn Usage Report

Is My Sales Team Using LinkedIn? The LinkedIn Usage Report

Over the last few months, we have engaged with sales teams in New York City for LinkedIn training. In the prospecting phase, we encountered what has become a common concern of business owners. “If I invest in this program, will my sales people actually use it?” This...

LinkedIn For Business: Should I pay for LinkedIn Premium?

Last week I was speaking to a prospective client about LinkedIn Training and was asked the question, “should I pay for LinkedIn Premium?” I’d say I am asked this question about twice per week, or at least often enough that I chose to include it in my LinkedIn...
CardMunch for LinkedIn

LinkedIn For Business: 5 Ways To Leverage Your Networking With LinkedIn

Last week I attended three networking events in Philadelphia. The majority of them were March Madness networking events, and I collected many business cards and made lots of great connections. Many people will either leave the business cards in their suit jacket, put them in a...