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Top 3 Reason Why You Should NOT Attend Networking Events

I have been to my fair share of networking events, and my general conclusion is, they are a fantastic waste of time. Since we are all about saving time, and maximizing value for your business, I felt it appropriate to write this blog article listing (everyone loves lists!) the...
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90% Of Cold Calls Are Cold…oh wait a minute!?

I recently bought a new house and signed up for a landline. It took probably three answers of the landline to result in me not answering the landline again. Each time, the phone rang I’d say “hello!”….pause for 3 seconds, “hello?” again…then someone would proceed to ask me if I’m...
Decision 2012

Are non-practicing lawyers ruling the world?

Are non-practicing lawyers ruling the world? Well…it depends on how you define that! As a non-practicing lawyer, I often find it interesting to meet other non-practicing lawyers and hear about what lead them away from practice. Each story is unique and interesting. Mine, was for...